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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Latest discovery!

I'd currently completed my write-up and throughout my analysis, i found out that i had misidentified two species that i'd formerly collected on field. This causes me to go into havoc in search for that species; D. sumatrana as time is scarce and i had to repeat my anatomy work. In order to do things fast, i am lucky to be able to set foot on the nearest forest in UKM itself (Bangi FR) in search of the species. It took me two trips into the forest before i manage to bump into this tree. On the left is the photo of me and two of my helpful friends that i'm indebted for their willingness to accompany me to the forest and they even help me climbed up the tree to get some leaves as my voucher speciments. For acknowledgement, the species that i'd collected in Kuala Lompat that i referred as D. sumatrana earlier is actually D. excelsa while the tree i thought to be D. excelsa which i bumped into on my first trip in search of Dillenia in Ayer Keroh, Malacca had turn out to be other species and not Dillenia. What an experience! That is why it is quoted by previous taxonomist who deal in Dilleniaceae that it is hard to identify Dillenia species without reproductive structure and it is almost worthless if we have only sterile speciments. I agree with him pretty much. Bravo to all taxonomists!


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