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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Blooming week for Dillenia!

Hooray! After the long waiting, i got the opportunity to witness the full bloom of D. indica (photo below) and D. excelsa (photo left and below) in FRIM last week. I was very excited to see this. The flower of D. excelsa that are claimed to be fragrant is indeed true when you actually smell the stamen. The petals are odourless. However, i got a small surprise when i took a freshly petal of D. indica that fell down to smell as i was photographing under the tree. Although it was predicted to be odourless, it surprised me with as the white petal gave me a faint smell like jasmine. However, there's only one regret that i didn't bring along my tripod last week to capture the bloomings. As the tree are high, not much can be done about it as we know the petals of Dillenia will fall off in a day. Therefore, the petals won't look fresh even when being photograph at noon. Morning is the best timing to take photographs of it but surely there will be the lighting problem. I'm still learning to improve my photo capturing skills.


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