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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bintang Hijau Expedition

My first expedition of Bintang Hijau in search of Dillenia proved to be quite unsuccessful. I only manage to record two species that are very common. They are D. indica and D. reticulata. Somehow, there are none that are flowering and fruiting. The photo on the left is D. indica taken at Lata Kekabu. Most of this species is found at the riverside. Both species are also sighted at Ulu Kenas and VJR Bubu. Somehow, there are also another species of Dillenia, Dillenia grandifolia that had been recorded at VJR Bubu from FRIM lists of record. I didn't manage to bump into this species due to limited of time. Overall, my expedition is quite exciting and i learn a lot from experties like Abang Din (Kamarudin Salleh), Cikgu Nasir, Dr. Nazre and many other foresters.


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