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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My Fieldwork In Kuala Lompat

My last fieldwork that i did recently was at Kuala Lompat, Krau, Pahang. This trip was being held on 21 and 22 of September 2006. The first species that i found here is Dillenia reticulata, which is also known as 'simpoh gajah'. The juvenil leaves are indeed very huge and can measure more than a metre long and are very hairy. Unlike the matured leaves, their surface are lack of hairs, much shorter and usually has slighly emarginate apex. The tree is sure very high and huge and it has stilt roots.

The photos that i took wasn't that clear as it's a huge tree and i haven't figure out how to capture a nice photo yet in that condition. I even hired an aborigine there to help me pluck the leaves to be made as voucher specimen. On the top is the photo of juvenil D. reticulata.
The next species that i encountered was Dillenia ovata. Actually, it's the aborigine (Pak Man) that pinpoint that species to me. He saw it at the roadside to our quarters. This tree is fruiting at that moment and i manage to collect this specimen with Pak Man's help. Gladly enough this time the tree isn't that high and is pretty easy to reach. I noticed that the bark of this tree is rather flaky and the fruits are much smaller compare to D. indica. Although the outer fruit are alike in features but the inner part of the fruits are a bit different (picture below). The based of the leaves of D. ovata are unequal.


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