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Saturday, December 30, 2006

My 2nd Trip To Kuala Lompat

My second trip to Kuala Lompat on can be counted as a success although i didn't manage to find 2 species that were recorded there in the book "Plants of Krau Wildlife Reserve" namely Dillenia excelsa and Dillenia pulchella. Somehow, i was delighted that i was lucky to find Dillenia sumatrana on the first day of my exploration (picture on right). There were about 6 trees located nearby each other near a small pond. I had allocated 4 days of my time during my stay at Kuala Lompat exploring thoroughly all the tracks nearby the area in Kuala Lompat and a track at Perlok. I revisited the site where i collected Dillenia ovata to try my luck to bump into the flowers but to my dissapointment again it was fruiting without any flower. Somehow, on my way there, i discovered another location that consist this species nearby the quarter which was also fruiting. Overall, it's still another record for me as the book didn't mention any discovery of D. ovata at Kuala Lompat. I was unable to find any new species on my next day of exploration.

My third day of exploration was at Perlok. The habitat there didn't give me a promising chance to discover a new species that i intended to find. Somehow, i still venture in the area looking for my species. One can't assume only but also look for it thoroughly. As i expected, i didn't manage to find any species there. Somehow, during my lunch break near a stream, i discovered D. indica that was fruiting which was another new record for plants in Kuala Krau Wildlife Reserve. The photo on the left is the juvenile of D. reticulata. As we can notice here, the leaves are huge compared to the matured ones. On my last day there, i ventured back in Kuala Lompat trails and manage to discover D. grandifolia with the help of Pak Man (the orang asli that was my guide). This species look quite similar to the juvenile of D. reticulata and i nearly miss it without being pinpoint by my guide. After careful inspection, i'm sure it's D.grandifolia. Overall, my 2nd trip to Kuala Lompat is a beneficial one. Bravo... ;0>


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