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Monday, March 05, 2007

Cucurbitaceae 3

Well, i guess i'd nearly covered all of the vegetables found in the market survey under Cucurbitaceae. Here, i would like to include two more genus which are Cucumis and Citrullus.

Below are a few photos of cucumber belong to the genus of Cucumis. All of them are of the same species, Cucumis sativus L. although there are in different forms. They taste different too!

Name: Cucumis sativus L.

Common name: Cucumber, Mentimun (upper), Timun Cameron (middle), Timun tua (lower)

Uses: Mentimun and Timun Cameron are usually eaten raw while Timun tua is usually used to cook as soup

Availability: Pasar Siti Khatijah and Kea Farm market, Cameron Highlands (Timun Cameron)

Last but not least, i would like to introduce the melon which belong to the Citrullus genus. Does all the photos below looks almost the same? Well, i'm sure of the first one. That's our watermelon, Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsun & Nakai. Somehow, i'm not sure about the small version of melon (middle) and i think it might belong to the Cucumis genus. The last photo is another unique fruit that i discovered in Cameron being called as Sharkfins gourd. Didn't know what the name derived from and as i don't have the cross-section of it, i'm not sure which genus does it belong either Citrullus or Lagenaria. Anyone?


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