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Thursday, April 12, 2007

My latest fieldtrip at Panti, Johore

Recently, I had taken my opportunity to SING herbarium to drop by Panti Forest Reserve, Johore in search for Dillenia albiflos (photo left). This species is endemic in the middle and southwest of Johore. The name of this species derived from the flower which meant 'white flower'. It is different from other species that occur in Peninsular Malaysia by having petiolar wings (photo below).

Somehow, there is another species in Peninsular Malaysia that has petiolar wings that is D. suffruticosa. However, it is easy to recognise this species as the habit of this species is shrub. It has elliptic leaves that are coriaceous with slight serrate margin. This species is usually found at secondary forests or planted at the roadside as ornamental plants.


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