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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pollen of Dillenia reticulata King

Things had been tough recently as it's time for all the analysis part dealing with my morphological study on the herbarium speciments. I'm still stumbling on it. At the same time, i'm involving myself with my study of Dillenias' pollen under SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). The waiting during the process is really a hectic one. Till now, i only had 4 samples of the pollen. I got an interesting result last Saturday regarding my pollen structure of D. indica. It consists of both porus (Monoporate) and colpus (Tricolpate) aperture forms. This give me a hint that i might be able to build a key out of my SEM study on pollen. However, i'm still not certain on that but it will surely be an additional information made available. Below is the pollen of D. reticulata King under SEM that shows the polar view indicating tricolpate; 3 aperture in the colpus form. The flower without the petals are taken from my last trip to Panti, Johor (photo below). I'm in the waiting for transportation right now to go to Kedah to search for my species of D. obovata that is restricted in the northern of Peninsular Malaysia. Hopefully i'll manage to settle everything by mid May to enable me to settle my thesis early.


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