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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Introduction of Dilleniaceae

Dilleniaceae is a small tropical family which consists of 10 genera with about 200 species that can be found in the Old World and New World (Kochummen 1972). This family consists of tree, shrub and climber. In Peninsular Malaysia, there are only 3 genera that had been found which includes Dillenia, Tetracera and Acrotrema. Till today, only a number of 20 species from these 3 genera that have been found in Peninsular Malaysia (Turner 1995).

Dillenia is a genus that consists the most species; 10 species found in Peninsular Malaysia followed by Tetracera (9 species) and Acrotrema (1 species). Dillenia is a group that belongs to either tree or shrub. Most of Dillenia species can be found in lowland dipterocarp forest in almost all states in Peninsular Malaysia. However, there are three species of Dillenia that can be found in open forest and secondary forest, such as D. ovata and D. obovata distributed throughout the states of Kedah, Perak and Pahang while D. suffruticosa is usually found in the southern of Peninsular Malaysia (Turner 1955).


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