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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Usage of 'Simpoh' in Peninsular Malaysia

There are very minimum usage of Dillenia in Peninsular Malaysia. Simpoh timber are usually being treated with preservatives before being used in various medium-heavy construction. Simpoh timbers are suitable for posts, beams, joints, doors, windows, furniture and other decorative works (Kochummen 1972). Two main species that contributed as simpoh timber are D. reticulata and D. grandifolia. Besides being used in construction, a few simpoh species that have showy flower and attractive foliage are being used as ornamental plants and being planted along highways, housing areas and gardens. Those species are D. suffruticosa and D. indica. However, D. excelsa sometimes is also being planted as ornamental plants. Furthemore, fruits of Dillenia that are indehiscence in certain species are eaten in the form of curry or jelly (Hoogland 1951).


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